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The Power of Peace Network (PPN) is an intelligent stage that tries to saddle creative components to advance a culture of peace and discourse, particularly with the young playing the lead job, through media and ICTs. It was started by UNESCO with the intend to increment shared comprehension around the planet by supporting assorted social and social discourse and self-articulation through present day apparatuses of data and correspondence.

The PPN idea lays on the straightforward thought of utilizing correspondence innovation to make an network of networks inspired by the advancement of a culture of peace and dialogue . Also, by taking advantage of this network of networks, individuals interface with others to assemble harmony and to participate in discoursed through various projects and assorted activities around the world.

The PPN mission is additionally expanded through the offices made accessible on its online stage ( The PPN online stage had surpassed the 1000th client registration mark in the initial 9-months of its creation and keeps on developing with new clients from gatherings and people inspired by the PPN mission. The long term yearning of the PPN online segment is to be become an intelligent store and facilitator which empowers harmony building endeavors to prosper.

Dialogue and Peace

UNESCO has been employing exchange broadly as a significant device for accomplishing peace, with the statutes that ICT and media are significant devices in encouraging discourse, common arrangement, self-articulation, peace and compromise.

UNESCO keeps on supporting worldwide exercises around there, and will underline on the cooperation of young ladies and men. The Power of Peace Network is a significant stage in this activity.

Further activity will zero in on journalists working in clash circumstances, nations on the move, and post-clash circumstances. UNESCO has been working shutting with the scholarly world and specialist on creating a lot consciousness of contention delicate detailing and political decision revealing that attention on these zones.

Source: UNESCO