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Muhammad Athar Javed

Director General

Muhammad Athar Javed is Director General of Nordic Institute of Stability Studies. He is also Director General, Pakistan House, a Denmark/Pakistan based think tank of international affairs.

He is a visiting lecturer at the Centre for Excellence Defence against Terrorism (COEDAT), (NATO), Ankara – Turkey. Muhammad taught courses on Terrorist use of WMD (COE-DAT-2016/18/19) and also specializes in technical and critical analysis in the area of policy for countering chemical, biological, and radiological terrorist attacks. He has been a visiting faculty at Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC), University of Rome Tor Vergata, National Defence University (NDU) in Islamabad, and the School of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University. He has also served in numerous capacities at various governmental and inter-governmental organizations including Canadian Council for Peace and International Security in Ottawa, Copenhagen Peace and Research Institute (COPRI), University of Copenhagen, People’s University of Denmark, and the Centre for Future and Strategic Studies at Kuwait University. He regularly appears on domestic and international TV channels including RT and Al-Jazeera International, and gives commentary on International security issues. He also writes columns for domestic and international English dailies.