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Nordic Institute of Stability Studies | NISS

NISS is a non-profit and non-political organization, that supports all aspects of green energy in Denmark and the Nordic.

Green energy has been a top priority in Denmark for decades. At NISS we believe that Green tax reform is an important part of the climate discussion. A tax on polluting the climate can become an engine for change in the industry, and it could be the key to achieving the goal of reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. A CO2-neutral Denmark requires completely new environmental technologies and radically other forms of production and products. A CO2 tax can make a contribution, but it is hardly enough. A green research and innovation policy must be designed and implemented. This can happen as part of the stimulus packages that are to restart the economy.

The green transition in Denmark began with the oil crisis back in the 70s and decades of development have made Denmark a frontrunner when it comes to wind and solar power – a position that is used to share experiences and help other countries embark on the same green journey. NISS recommends Denmark to keep setting an example by constantly testing new solutions within sustainable and green energy.

Today, 50% of electricity in Denmark is supplied by wind and solar power. By 2030, the goal set by the Danish parliament, is that the electricity system in Denmark will be completely independent of fossil fuels. The significant share of green energy in the Danish electricity sector is likely a result of ambitious strategies laid down in the early 70s. These last few decades of developing wind power and renewable energy have put Denmark at the very front when it comes to green transition in the energy sector. By sharing experiences from Denmark, more CO2 can be saved globally, and this is the common goal. NISS would like to support the Danish parliament in achieving the goal and works to assist on projects related to green energy and sustainability.

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